Journeying through life

The wind catches the hem of her skirt and swirls as she skips down the path. I look up and she gives me a shy smile and behind her guarded eyes I sense a quiet joy. As I observe her with her friends I feel the weight of her past and I wonder how someone so young deals with a history that is as heavy as hers. To wake up each day and to know that there was a time in your life when you were unwanted. To know that at one point in time Perhaps, the heaviness of her yesterdays is defeated by the love of today. By the family she now has here at Eagles Wings, the sisters she loves, the chance to learn, and a future that is rife with possibility. Or maybe it’s not like that at all, maybe even in the middle of all her joy, her past is always present. I’m not sure because her battles in life are oh so different than mine. Each of us gets up each day and struggles against things that are perhaps very different from each other, but at the end of the day we all fight against this human condition. We can choose to join hands and walk through life together.

I sit and watch her play netball with the girls she walks through life with every single day. I hear giggles that ring through the air as they run and pass and shoot the ball with smiles that light up their faces. And I praise God for the small but mighty ways that He redeems the childhood some of them didn’t have. Even among all this joy I know that each one of these girls I love has to get up each day and make choices to stay on the straight and narrow. Life isn’t easy for any of us. But it is these moments full of games and joy and laughter that I, and hopefully they will choose to hold tight. To remember the rolling laughter and squeals of joy when things get hard and to be reminded that God is with them then just as He is right now.




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