Monuments of Grace

Do you ever wonder if God is really there? Do you ever wonder if God really does everything that He promises? Do you wonder if He even loves you?

I can’t speak for anyone except myself, so I’m going to share that I myself have felt all 3 of those things at times in my life. When you are young, you take everything your parents say to be true without question. Your stance on life and faith are usually just copied from your parent’s. But God isn’t satisfied with you living on your parent’s faith, so at some point He calls you out to examine and conclude what you actually believe and what will you do with that belief. I spent several years running from God because I didn’t want Him to be the controller of my life. Ironically, God gave me everything I was chasing, but I found that all those things were empty without Him. I came back to Him and found forgiveness and grace. But years of sin and bad habits can leave us with bad thinking patterns and habits. I had a hard time trusting that God even wanted me for a child. Why should He? I had failed Him in every possible way. Do you know what kind of thinking this is? It’s not trusting God to do what He’s said He will. He’s never failed me. He never walked away from me. The best way to describe it is that it would be like I cheated on my wife and she forgave me and then I was the one to never trust her and be suspicious of her conduct. Is that fair? No, not at all. And yet me wondering about God keeping his word to me is the same issue. He doesn’t deserve it. And yet the still more amazing thing about God, is that even with all these frustrating things I do to Him, He supplies me with monuments of grace.

Monuments are something left behind to remind future generations of something. When the Israelites came to the Land of Canan, two tribes settled on the opposite side of the river Jordan of everyone else. So the elders of that tribe erected an altar as a monument to remind their children and grandchildren of who they were and what God had done for them in bringing them out of Egypt to the promised land. God leaves these for His children. He reminds us of His great love for us with the things He’s given to us. If you think about your life, I’m sure you can think of a few monuments of grace God has left for you. The first one of mine is my wife. Then there’s my parents and siblings and nieces and nephew. There’s my home, there’s my dear brothers and sisters in Christ who love me more than anyone deserves to be. And the most astounding love I know: 1 John 3:1 “Behold what manner of love the Father hath given unto us, that we should be called the sons of God”

Do you need to feel God’s love today? Look around for the monuments of grace. For after all, a Christian himself is the greatest monument to the wondrous grace of God.


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